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CVP Africa's Mantra

Africa Is Ready For More 

We are making it possible.


5 Million Youth & Women Jobs in Africa By 2030


Home Grown Solutions 

YouthEmploy Africa’s success is defined by our collaborative efforts to unlock opportunities and catalyze impactful change. Our methodology, I-A-F (Identify, Accelerate, and Fund), epitomises our commitment to partnering with private sector entities.


Through this approach, we harness the transformative power of collaboration and co-creation, facilitating the simultaneous scaling of businesses and the creation of employment opportunities for women and youth. 

CVP Africa's YouthEmploy Logo
Women are the cornerstone of Africa's growth

Our mission is to speed up social change by building a strong network of partners who are committed to making a lasting impact.

CVP Africa's Ice Index Logo

In navigating Africa's rich cultures, economies, and geographies, our approach to measurement needs be as diverse and adaptable as the continent itself. Standardisation is paramount in achieving comparability and consistency of data across this vibrant diversity.


Welcome to ICE Index

CVPAfrica's HomeGrown Logo

At CVPAfrica, our solutions are rooted in the communities we serve, crafted and honed by individuals within the African landscape to address specific challenges and fulfil distinct needs.


Our Homegrown solutions are meticulously tailored to the unique circumstances and resources present in different communities, ensuring their relevance and effectiveness for the individuals they support.

WHY CVP Africa

A Different Approach To

Enterprise Support 

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CVPAfrica, is an Enterprise Support Organization, emphasising the private sector's crucial role in addressing social challenges. The YouthEmploy Africa program promotes collaboration among the private sector, civil society, youth, and women to create 5 million jobs by 2030. Additionally, CVPAfrica's ICE Index offers a three-pronged, multi-dimensional approach to enhance impact measurement across Africa.

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